Calves For Sale

Our calves began arriving in mid-April and we were done at the end of May. We have over 100 calves running around. The picture to the right shows our first two calves and their moms on a cold April morning.

At this time, about 75 of these calves will be for sale or lease begining November 15.

All calves will pass through a preconditioning program that will ready them for life on farms and ranches. This program has worked well for us the last 6 years and gives us a calf that is calm, healthy, growthy, and above all, eager to see people.

Our pre-conditioning begins with putting the herd into our main corrall using a truckful of goodies. Once we have the herd penned and sorted, each calf will be separated from its mom. Each calf will be weighed, tagged, given vaccinations for pasturella and clostridium, and then wormed with an injectible ivermec-type wormer.

Then, they will be weaned as a group in a pen in a pasture  around which their moms can come up to check on them and rub noses. This is a comparatively low-stress weaning method. In this pen will also be our gentlest & oldest cows who are very accepting of people to the point they will eat carrots out of our hands. The calves will learn from them not to fear people. The calves will be fed hay and cake twice a day and they will learn to associate people with something good - being fed. In a week or two all of them will follow a person with a bucket around looking for food.

After three weeks, they will get their booster vaccinations and be reweighed to ensure there are no problems. At this time, the calves can be picked up - they will be ready to join a new herd or form a herd of their own.

We guarantee that these calves will be gentle, healthy, and easy to work. They will change your mind about what Buffalo can be.

Call us for more information. We'll be glad to show you some cows that have been through this program. (903) 568-8365